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Mining Sector Capital Raises – Consultancy Services

At 79 Distribution we leverage our experience and connections in the marketplace to provide consultancy and distribution services to Junior Mining Operators wishing to raise capital to expand existing or early-stage precious metals extraction projects with proven reserves that are currently underexploited.

Typical levels of capital to be raised range between USD 20m – USD 50m, a level which is attractive to smaller Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth individual investors or Group’s with an appetite for further mining sector investments.

Products & Services

Mining Sector Capital Raises – Investment Opportunities

Opportunities vary in size of commitment required and geographic location, but always carry substantial and real security of investor funds based on equipment and reserves in the ground, in combination with fantastic returns on investment.

If you or your contacts have an appetite for mining sector capital raises of USD 20 – USD25m+, start a conversation with our Managing Director Kevin Hart and complete an NDA for further due diligence and opportunity summary.