79 Distributions commercial mining partner PPM enter into a JV in Burkina Faso to further expand mining volumes.

79 Distribution are delighted to announce that our commercial mining partners Phoenix Precious Metals DMCC have entered into a joint venture with Burkina Faso based Faso Mine et Services.

Moussa Gabriel Dao, Vice President of Exploration for Phoenix Precious Metals views the JV as a historic one, between the two well respected African companies and explains that it has 2 main phases:

  1. Jointly funded exploration for commercially viable deposits using local expertise.
  2. Creation of mining SPV’s to jointly exploit the most exciting gold deposits.

PPM’s JV partner Faso Mine et Services welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with another African company with the financial clout to exploit deposits, which are likely to involve tens of millions of dollars, for the economic benefit it will bring to Burkina Faso and the jobs that will be created for the local population.

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