SSAS pension schemes now purchasing the PPM APDG

Since the launch of the PPM Advance Purchase of Discounted Gold (APDG) product in mid-March 2020, early APDG purchasers were mostly individual purchasers and a lesser number of corporate purchasers, largely in line with the expectations of 79 Distribution and our commercial partners Phoenix Precious Metals DMCC.

April 2020 has seen the first APDG purchases by UK SSAS pension schemes, which required the SSAS wrapper provider to undertake due diligence and sign off the PPM APDG as a suitable home for SSAS pension monies, even though gold bullion is acceptable as an asset class by HMRC. 

Further intended APDG purchase applications by different SSAS Trustees have been notified to 79 Distribution, as the product grows in popularity and profile in the marketplace and 79 Distribution look forward to assisting in the due diligence process.